About the Artist

Not much is known about the childhood of Andrew Paul Theodore Bergholtz, but legend indicates that he was raised by a family of timber wolves in the Carpathian Mountains until the age of 13. Near the end of the 19th century, Andy was taken in by a blind hermit monk and was taught to study the world around him using senses other than that of sight.

It's said that this unique tutelage resulted in a heightened, almost super-human sense of touch within the young boy, who naturally developed a passion for creating things with his hands. At 18, Andy joined a group of traveling gypsies and honed his skills by offering hand-carved charms and talismans to the villagers he met on his journies through eastern Europe.

Although his exact whereabouts are currently unknown, it's believed that Bergholtz eventually settled somewhere in the Californias, resuming his hermit ways and raising a family of his own. Discoveries of new works by the mysterious craftsman are reported in increasing numbers to this day, although the authenticity of such artifacts has not yet been confirmed.